My little boy is trying to crawl! He kind of can but not in the sense of getting up on his hand and knees and dashing around the floor. However, he does the “up and DIVE FORWARD!” bit and he still rolls over until he gets to his destination a lot of the times. It’s too cool. Also!! is motor skills are improving so much right now. He sees and instantly grabs. He isn’t as shaking nor does he continuously miss his target anymore. Mama’s little boy is growing up so quickly! :’)


My wee boy!

My little boy is growing so quickly but, at times, not quickly enough. I know I may kick myself in the face for saying this, but I just want him to be crawling by now. He’s trying, but he’s still in the “dragging my face across the floor” stage. He recently started rolling from back to belly and then into a continuous motion that leads to him traveling halfway across the room. Haha!


I had a mean-ass contraction yesterday that started at my lower back and lasted for a couple of minutes. I mean, that sucker was….UGH…MERCILESS!!

Nothing came after that.

I went to sleep, expecting for more and to wake up in the middle of the night and having to make our trip to the hospital.

But here I am. Still pregnant.

It’s okay, Adrian. Take your time, sweet potato. Mommy loves you!

Post-membrane stripping

Still no progress. No spotting, no bloody/brownish discharge. Every time I go to the bath, I hope to see spotting but to no avail. No consistent cramps although I did have a couple pretty strong ones yesterday. One when we went to Target and I was getting out of the car. I had to stay doubled-over and lean on the car for nearly a minute. Then, when we got home I had one that actually caused me to yelp. No ongoing lower back pain, but I am often getting some pressure downwards around my buttocks. GRAVITYYYY!!! Ugh! These Braxton Hicks contractions keep pulling me down, but I’ve been working past them because now they’re just annoying. I’m almost 40 f’ing weeks! This is so weird. Again, for those who didn’t know, Isa came out at 37.5 weeks, so these excess days are…..making me more impatient as if it’s not normal to go on for 40+ weeks.